Tuesday Night


I was laying on the couch doing some reading on my iPad when I laid it down for a short nap.  The sound of sleet hitting the front windows woke me up and the roof outside my window had suddenly gone from wet to covered in a new layer of that icky bad stuff.  That decided to change from sleet to a wave of new snow falling.  It also reminded me that I hadn’t refilled the feed dish for the bunnies.

I got a scoop of feed, put my sandals and headed out the back door.  As much as I hate the cold, I liked how the snow was coming down and how it looked against the landscape.  It made things quiet and peaceful.  It was just a short snow that lasted for a short spell but it made for a nice way to say good bye to January.

10 responses to “Tuesday Night

  1. Thank you for sharing this peaceful moment; you’re right, it’s a lovely way to say good-bye to January – here in Vancouver, January left under a golden sun with the sound of blackbirds chattering in the trees!

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