Tuesday Night


I was laying on the couch doing some reading on my iPad when I laid it down for a short nap.  The sound of sleet hitting the front windows woke me up and the roof outside my window had suddenly gone from wet to covered in a new layer of that icky bad stuff.  That decided to change from sleet to a wave of new snow falling.  It also reminded me that I hadn’t refilled the feed dish for the bunnies.

I got a scoop of feed, put my sandals and headed out the back door.  As much as I hate the cold, I liked how the snow was coming down and how it looked against the landscape.  It made things quiet and peaceful.  It was just a short snow that lasted for a short spell but it made for a nice way to say good bye to January.

A Few Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


Some days I feel like I am in a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon given the management that we have.  But that’s OK.  We have lots of Fearless Leaders as we go up the chain.  Lucky me.

I tried a new oatmeal cookie recipe last night.  So what would that be referred to as in the UK?  An oat biscuit?  Anywho, I found a couple weak areas in the recipe on how I would change the dough preparation but the bottom-line was THEY ATE DOGGONE GOOD!  Oats.  Those are healthy, right?

I got a call that I am eligible for a laptop upgrade on my old business laptop.  That’s kind of sad given they just reformatted the thing and reimaged it all.  It’s running pretty well right now but who am I to argue with getting a new laptop?

Another January in the books and a new February to look forward to.  Good bye January with your cold and ice and snow and grey skies.  But it’s all good.  I’ll include this vid so we end the month in a positive manner.

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