I so hate this whole “Lose weight this year and be healthier” effort this year.  Thus far ..

  • See doctor more.  Check and gee thanks for the prescriptions there doc.
  • Cut down on portion size.  Damn, I’m always hungry afterwards.
  • Cut down on empty calories.  My grocery cart feels lighter without the ice cream and stuff to weigh it down.  I feel like I’m not helping the dairy economy.  That’s friggen un-American on my part.
  • Exercise more.  Still a work in progress but I’m getting there even of it’s “slowly”.  Hey, it’s still movement.

So lunch is over and I’m eating grapes instead of my normal candy because I’m still hungry.  I’m hungry cuz I cut my portion size.  Yayayayayayaya I get it that it’s healthy and it will probably help me live like a whole 3 days longer than I normally would but God I’d kill someone right now for some chocolate.

I’ll probably die from food poisoning, botulism or some damn weird Amazon jungle disease thingee from these damn warm @ss grapes.  And why aren’t they frozen and in a glass of wine?


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  1. I’m always hungry losing weight is no fun. This New Year I think I went overboard with food .
    I refuse to eat grains though still eating white bread . Rice helps quench the hunger still love my carb . Haven’t had ice cream for a long while . Will do when I’ve got this portion thingy under control

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