Time for the Miss Anna plunge.


Time to erase and restore the ol’ iPad to factory original settings.  I’m hoping this will cure a few ills that are just generally annoying the hell out of me.


20 thoughts on “Time for the Miss Anna plunge.

      1. yeh, I upgraded my iPhone to the new OS and now I cannot keep my iPad synced via Bluetooth to the new OS. I did some checking and it looks like our old iPads were left out of the new OS. so I mainly connect my iPad to my iPhone by using my phone as a Wifi hot spot. “pling”

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      2. How rude to let old ipads out! Well, I won’t buy a new one. Now I know they don’t last as long as I wish, so if they let old ipads out, then I let them out, hehe! “Pling”

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  1. You know what I have a BlackBerry and everyone gives me a dirty look when I pull it out. My server has tried to get me to upgrade. No way. I have had it for years and not one single problem. Get a BlackBerry Jim. Louise

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      1. I think BB are considered obsolete and supposedly it is OLD and I should get with the program and UPGRADE like everyone else apparently. Here is Canada that seems to be the thing – always get the latest thingy. I refuse, if it works I stay with it. If it doesn’t it’s gone. But it works.

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