Sunday Evening


The winter sun seems so far away.  Just a couple more days and then we’ll start a “Snow Out” countdown to Spring.


29 thoughts on “Sunday Evening

      1. you can use that phrase when writing a book. they’ll later ask “How did you come up with such a catchy phrase?” And you can say “I invented it.”

        no one will ever know and hopefully you’re a million dollars richer.

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      2. Oh my god! What a great idea but I will never say that I have invented this I will say that at my blog I come across one of my fellow blogger Jim he has invented this wonderful phrase.
        Whether I will million dollars rich or not but I will never take anyone credit. ✌😃

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      3. and good food and good wine in ladies in those skimpy bikinis … but I digress. where was I? oh yeh. green water and warm. being warm is most definitely a gooder thing in central Minnesota during this time of year.

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