4 responses to “Throwback Music #109: The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along the Watchtower

  1. My first introduction to Jimi was not on the radio or from someone else’s phonograph but at our market in Las Vegas, they had a big record table with NOT your OLD stuff but brand new recordings and I choose this album because of the cover picture only. (yes I did that a lot; found Lee Michaels like this too)

    Found out I LOVED this album. Found out I loved Jimi and went to two concerts of his in Southern Cal before his death. Saw him at a gigantic venue in LA…the Forum with Miles Davis and a more intimate venue in San Bernardino..the Swing Auditorium.

    THANX for this throwback Jim, it brings back good times and energizes me for the day. ~~dru~~

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