I’m sitting there at my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight.

Minding my business and behaving  myself (yeh, it’s possible.  it can happen.) and joking with one of the waiters which is OK because he gives me a bad time and I give it right back to him.  We call it “giving each other the bizness“.  Anywho, he gives me my check and mentions that there is a new 10% tax that will be added on to the bill at the cash register.

Oh yeh, what’s that for?

Wall tax.”

OK, 15 seconds later … LIGHT BULB!

What did you just tell me?  You smart@ss!  I can’t believe you got that one by me.

Ugh!  It’s gonna be a long four years.

Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again where I have to engage my monkey brain and actually think of something to jot down here.  Oh boy …

1. It’s pay day once again.  Or as we like to refer to it as “Mother’s Day” as in “Pay this mother.  Pay that mother.”  Yayayaayayaya.  I know.  That will cost me another 1,000 years in Purgatory.  The nuns are rolling over in their graves over that one.

2. It’s a training day from home today.  Loosely translated:  I have all my work caught up and now it’s time to complete some mandatory on-line training so it doesn’t torture me later on.  It may as well torture me now.

3. I have some friends and relatives that are a bit “peeved” at me cuz I won’t commit to the POTUS’s side like they have.  I jokingly referred to them as “going over to the dark side” and they didn’t think it was one bit funny.  I thought their reactions were hilarious but what the hell do I know?

4. Good bye Norway.  I’m not going to get to see you this year like I had hoped.  I’m settling for the Black Hills to see friends and get some taffy in Keystone instead.  I’ll get a decent steak dinner out of it at least.  Well, maybe next year.

5.  And last but not least, it’s still January and it’s still damn cold here tho it’s not as cold as it should be or could be.  There are still grey skies out there and the promise of a new Spring can’t be found.  Mid-winter has always been rough on me with it’s cold and grey and ice and seemingly eternal grip on life.  Fortunately another January is about to end bringing us one month closer to April and garden time.  The Gummys and I can hopefully plant peas come St. Patrick’s Day and I can start working with the garden beds come early April.

OK, so that’s it this week sports fans.  Feel free to comment and/or leave an “Aloha!” as you pass thru.