Thursday Morning

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It’s another dazzling morning in downtown Minneapolis this morning.  I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking about this so called “proposed wall” along the southern border.  I won’t get into political arguments with anyone about it because quite frankly I would lose.  However, my logistician and auditor brain kicked in and I think we overlooked just a few minor things.


  • So this wall is supposed to cost we taxpayers $22 – $25 billion dollars.  That’s “BILLION” with a “B”.  Hmm.  This would be a Government contract.  Just what are the odds it will come in on budget?  Here, let me scare you and remind you of the well over budget VA hospital in Colorado.  Budget?  They don’t need no stinking budget.  I shudder to think just how much this will really cost.  I’m sure Brown and Root is salivating at this possibility.
  • Who’s gonna pay for it?  Mexico?  Yeh, right.  You know and I know that the taxpayers will end up footing the bill and that money will come from Congress and that money comes from taxes or from borrowing.  Wonderful.  More debt or more taxes.
  • You know, fences and walls are great when you have LONG stretches of fairly flat ground. The ground out there goes up and down, this way and that way, here and there, this direction and that direction.  Don’t believe me?  They have this really long wall in China.
  • Does anyone actually think it would actually keep anyone out?  Case in point:  all them drug tunnels under existing fences.  Well we will just bury the fence deeper Jim.  No worries, they’ll just dig deeper or use a ladder.
  • Use a ladder? So if they go over it, how can you prevent that from happening?  You just have watch towers and a buttload of security cameras plus a big force of some really big guys to go round them up.  Hmmm.  Where have I heard that?
  • Are there other ways around it?  Oh yeh.  I could fly over it or I could boat around it.  So I guess what’s next are fences on the beaches?  I’m sure some Chamber of Commerce will just love that.

Wait, wait, wait!  Let me rethink those last two.  A lotta guys.  Towers.  Lotsa security cameras. Sandy beaches.  Boats.  This makes my head hurt.


Silly me.  Why didn’t Obama think of this?