Alternative Fact #1

Good news!  I am now 6 foot 2 inches tall AND … (yes there is an “and”) … and … I have no grey hair!  Ya see, I knew all along that the nurses were understating my height whenever I went to the clinic for checkups.  They must have had me confused with some other guy.

49 responses to “Alternative Fact #1

  1. My first response was a smile, but, then I realized… this latest manifestation of insanity to surface in the political world (the concept of ‘alternative facts’) is gaining far more acceptance than I had realized among the general population, which does not bode well for the human race. Our culture already places too much credence on lies; just look at how many Obama got away with! Now, this ability to deny reality has progressed to the point the voters actually elected a “reality show” star to act as if his insane view of the world is real. Moreover, they’ve now given him access to nuclear weapons!

    It’s pathetic, and dangerous, to say the least, to place one’s faith, and security, in the hands of a man who believes his own bullshit….

    I’m 5’7″ tall; always have been. But, height really doesn’t matter, at all, except at Disneyland….

    gigoid, the dubious

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