Alternative Fact #1

Good news!  I am now 6 foot 2 inches tall AND … (yes there is an “and”) … and … I have no grey hair!  Ya see, I knew all along that the nurses were understating my height whenever I went to the clinic for checkups.  They must have had me confused with some other guy.

Random Thoughts for Hump Day


I found Miss Anna’s and Miss Roberta’s snow.  It’s been falling here since after midnight and it is just totally screwing up the roads for the morning commute.  Thank God I leave early in the morning before the major commute starts.

Yes, let’s impose a Federal hiring freeze and prevent the V.A. from hiring the staff it needs to take care of the vet.  Yes, it’s leadership and management is bad but let’s punish the staff for management’s sins.  I’ve been on this “Make do with less” rollercoaster for I dunno how many years.  OK Jim, enough, enough, enough on politics.

My tennis elbow is pissing me off too.  Ugh!

The guy that I hired to finish the bathroom is doing a wonderful job as usual.  It will be nice to have that project finished by the upcoming weekend and then it’s on to the next project only I’ll be doing that one with no outside help.

My iPad is still somehow eating battery life overnight.  It was dead, dead, dead when I got to the train platform this morning.  I dunno.  Maybe I will have to take the plunge and do a complete restore on it fairly soon if I can’t get this figured out.

Well, I suppose it’s time to get started this morning and get some actual work done.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a mighty “Hey!” as you pass by.