Saturday Afternoon


It feels like early March out there and it has me looking once again at what I want to go into my garden for the upcoming season.  I’m going to have a spare bed and I’ve been busy once again looking thru my Burpee’s catalog.  All I can say is there are far too many choices and I don’t know how I’m gonna make up my mind here.  There are plants that I considered but I can get them easier at the market or at one of the local farmer’s markets; so it’s back to Square 1.


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  1. I don’t have a garden. Only got a deck on it I’ve got pots ,a Japanese maple, 2 scented rose ,2 kumquat, 2 bits of paradise, 2 daphnes, 2 wild orchids and a bougainvillaea given to us by my friend that hubby want to kill lol Im thinking of getting a kaffir lime for my hidey hole.

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  2. If I could grow something this year, I would love to have the heritage jewel corn. It must taste super good! Also yellow grape tomatoes, lots of basil, elephant garlic, bird chilis, Japanese sweet potato and Japanese eggplant.

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