Friday Night


I went and did my follow up examination with a nurse today.  Her goal in life today was to put one of those blood pressure wrap thingees around my arm and keep pumping that little black ball thingee until all the blood backed up inside my head or gush out from my eyeballs or something along that line.  I swear to God my fingertips were white and I’m Caucasian enough as it is and I really don’t need any help to go total albino.

Anywho she put me thru this torture device experience twice and I asked how things turned out; not that I’d would even know or have any clue what any of it meant anyway.  She said my BP went up two points after she took it the first time and I kinda sorta threw both arms up into the air and let out one of those …


I don’t think she thought that my basketball reference was very comical given that “you must have lost your damn mind” look that she had on her face.  And I guess while 140 over 110 would be a good score if you’re UCLA and you’re playing Notre Dame but it’s not good thingee for older dudes and their non-Geritol tainted blood.

I was so depressed that I went and consoled myself with one of those huge cinnamon rolls at Perkins afterwards.  I had an unsweetened iced tea with it too.

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  1. I remember doing something similar when the Union told me I had the record number of sick days off’ve work for that year … ‘WooHoo, I came first in something’ … apparently it wasn’t one of those moments though, although they weren’t interested in the ‘whys’ or anything. Lightened the moment though 😉 And a cinnamon roll sounds like the perfect consolation 🙂

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  2. Not the greatest BP but I have seen worse. It was probably the “white coat syndrome”. She sounds like someone who might make you BP rise anyway. Enjoy your cinnamon roll.

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      • My doctor threatened me with medication if I don’t get my BP down. Mine is usually low don’t know what happened that day it shot up to 135 . So ended up going on walks . It helped and time away from the family helped too . That’s why I escape to my hidey hole all the time. Peace and quiet. So no medications for me except for Vitamin D which I always forget to take.

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      • Winter is bad though. Cold and wet and miserable . I make myself accept volunteering shifts as it meant I have to get out of bed to go take the clients out and in turn go wandering . It’s the getting out of bed bit that’s hard , finding the motivation.

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  3. Oh, yes, when you sense you have someone practicing this ancient method of taking pressures AND they need a hearing aide, you must say to them ” I can’t feel my fingers…”

    When I give blood and they do the blood pressure at screening time, I look at them like I’m gonna hit them – works every time 🙂

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