Five for Friday

Good Morning Campers!  It’s time to rise and shine for those of us living here in the US of A and join the rest of the world who is already awake and scurrying about.  I have my cup here with a little coffee to go with my cream and sugar.  Let’s get thru this post.

1. All of the work that I need to do on my bathroom remodel is pretty much done.  I I have left to do is to do some touch up painting on the walls and the ceiling, do some clean up and make sure all the other pieces and parts are all put together.  Oh yeh, I have to call my guy and let him know that I’m ready for him to do the floor now.  So it looks as if we are ahead of schedule.

2. What a weird winter we are having here in central Minnesota.  It’s been awfully warm just like last year which leads me to believe that we won’t have a lot of snowfall left for this season but we should have another wet Spring.

3. I won’t argue with anyone as to whether or not Global Warming is a real issue.  I think that’s just wasted time and effort on a number of people and it is getting us nowhere fast.  No, I think a better argument or discussion to have is whether or not we owe it to our world, our children, our grandchildren and even to ourselves to leave the world’s environment in a better place than what we found it or better than how it was handed to us.  Yes, that means actively working on and pushing new green initiatives and cleaner energy technologies.

4. Boogie told me that she will be out peacefully protesting the inauguration today.  I think she was worried that Dad would be upset given Dad is a retired GI.  Actually I was taken back by those thoughts and I told her as much.  Exercise your God given Constitutional rights and exercise Gandhi’s version of civil disobedience all you want.  I draw the line when “peaceful” turns into “violence” or if it causes harm to others.

5. Did anyone other than myself read or listen to President Obama’s comments this week?  I listened to him a lot this week on Yahoo News and he was pretty eloquent.  I loved how he so eloquently told his daughters that “This is not the end of the world and the only time that you need about the end of the world is when it’s actually the end of the world.” (or words to that effect).  I know a lot of people did not like him for multiple reasons right, wrong or indifferent.  But I think it would be a tragic loss to this country’s future if he and Michelle are not actively engaged in civil and human rights over the upcoming years.

Woo hoo, we did it!  Feel free to comment or to even leave a happy “Hidey Ho!” if you pass by.


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  1. I agree with everything you said, even in the comments. President Trump is commander-in-chief and we have to wait and see. I’m all for peaceful protest. We have a very elegant first lady. A lot of big promises. Show us the money!

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  2. Hidey ho Jim! I’m all for protesting, especially by the young because they need to be actively taking a stake in how the country is going. So Yay! And I don’t agree with people telling them to get over it. Nothing happens by getting over it except apathy and death. I’m very saddened by the Obamas leaving the office. It will be a while of grieving for me. And oh boy that climate discussion or non discussion….

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    • people are out of line for telling anyone to get over it but there will come a time when people need to move on. President Obama said this week that we’ll be OK and I believed him. but then again, I was following my military training and saluting the Commander in Chief and moving out. and I like my “green” argument. it’s hard to justify why anyone would not want to leave the world in a better place for their kids.

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      • I don’t get that kind of self absorbed thinking either but I sure do see a lot of it on a daily basis. Just the simple act of littering says you don’t care about our beaches, our water, or sea life but everyone wants life to as convenient as possible so forget trash cans or recycling or not using toxic chemicals… Etc. It’s just sad. As far as government I’ll leave that conversation alone because it’s easy to say get over it when the things that change or are at the top of other’s lists don’t effect you.

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      • my youngest tried to explain to me why she felt as strongly as she does and I had to admit that I didn’t understand it. but I raised her to stand up what what she felt was right and what was wrong and I respect her for her courage.

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      • Huge difference was that you respect her enough to listen. Very little of that going around fir a whole. You don’t have to agree but respect me enough to listen to my side.

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      • yayayayayaya but remember I’m a retired GI and our patience only goes so far and we usually almost always hate bullies and sometimes all a bully understands is a swift smack upside their heads and I’m just digging my hole deeper here aren’t I?

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  3. I agree the whole family has very much more they can do and I hope they will as they see fit in the way they see fit. Besides this Country never really loses their Presidents until they die.

    “Hidey Ho!” ~~dru~~

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    • I personally think it’s tough on a lot of us right now because there are some many young people and people on the left that are taking the results very hard. that and there are a good number of people that are just plain scared for whatever reasons right, wrong or indifferent.

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