Just so you know …

I stopped by one of my colleague’s office this morning and reminded her that Friday was Inauguration Day.  She gave me this crazed, angry woman glare and told me she could have gone all day without hearing that.  Then she told me to get out and she wasn’t even polite about it either.

Who woulda thunk I woulda gotten that kind of reaction???  Maybe I should have brushed my teeth before seeing her.  We’ll keep sharp objects and other means of mass destruction away from her for a bit.


35 thoughts on “Just so you know …

  1. I’m with her, just when I’m beginning to forget because my personal life is so screwed…there you go again. I could have gone all day without this reminder.

    “HE” has already hidden the knives but that is because of personal problems no he better hide the screwdrivers too. ~~dru~~

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      1. Ha ha ha! I say July 2017. Wow if Pence for some reason didn’t get in after Trump it would be Paul Ryan, then Orrin Hatch, then John Kerry. John Kerry would be alright. I think that’s the order…

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      2. I was thinking that an “Oooooo Baby!” could be a bit pervy so I’ll just keep those thoughts out of the conversation. besides, you have one of them boy friend thingees and they don’t always understand things like that.


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