Just come out and say it

You’re mad about me.  You want to possess me body and soul.  You want to wrap yourself around me better than shrink wrap on a department store package.  You want to be my everything and make me constantly think about you and make my whole body ache and tremble.

Oh wait.  Why would I want the flu to do something like that to me?  The flu.  Ick!

Just so you know …

I stopped by one of my colleague’s office this morning and reminded her that Friday was Inauguration Day.  She gave me this crazed, angry woman glare and told me she could have gone all day without hearing that.  Then she told me to get out and she wasn’t even polite about it either.

Who woulda thunk I woulda gotten that kind of reaction???  Maybe I should have brushed my teeth before seeing her.  We’ll keep sharp objects and other means of mass destruction away from her for a bit.

Hump Day Morning


My mobile phone is really starting to piss me off.  I normally wouldn’t use the word “piss” because one really doesn’t know who is around WP.  For all I know, there are little old, blue haired ladies, priests and little kids hanging around and running around this place.  Someone may even get offended because I used the word “piss” and they are shocked because they are part of the “genteel” class.  Then we have those amongst us who are from the Grammar Nazi class who would comment back with something along the lines of “You really shouldn’t use the word “piss” when expressing yourself.  Try using “anger” or it “makes you upset” or you are “frustrated” with your mobile.”  I don’t know why they would be upset with the use of the word when it is in fact a perfectly good word and one that adequately expresses my frustration.  Besides, I’m a rebel and I refuse to bend to their will.  I am the master of my own fate.  Captain of my own ship of destiny.  Lord of the ring.  Lord of the ring?  Now that’s weird.

Where was I?  What was I talking about?  Oh yeh.  My mobile phone is really starting to piss me off.