I hate ice storms with a passion.  Mainly because the roads are a bloody nightmare which is closely followed up with cleaning up the drive, the sidewalk and other things to get the ice removed.  Added to this is the snow that fell on top of it and now it’s warming which means the snow and ice is water saturated making for a lot of pleasure to remove.

Jason has Gary to blame not that we actually know if Gary actually exists or not.  Who can I blame?  Maybe I’ll blame Trump.

Tuesday Morning


It seems so odd that we would get rain in the middle of January which created a total mess of the roads.  I wanted to run an errand last night and Petey slid … “slid” mind you … down the driveway and out into the street.  I made it to the first turn and my front wheels went left and Petey went straight.  Needless to say but I turned around and went right back home.  Nothing was worth going out in that hazard.  Oh yeh, and the rain turned to snow around midnight.  So we have snow on top of ice.  Fun, fun, fun!

In the meanwhile we will work from home today and listen to the snowplows go by and wish those who are brave enough to attempt to travel a hearty “Good Luck!“.  The coffee is just as warm here as it is when I make it at work with far fewer headaches.  I’d probably fall on the ice and land on my arse anywho.