Day: January 15, 2017

Smooth Jazz Sunday Evening #99: Sade – Kiss of Life

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Hope you can view.


Sunday Morning

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It looks warm out there with the sun shining and the yellow glow coming thru the window but it’s not  It’s all just an illusion.  There are still single digit temps out there which means I will have to bundle up when I head off to my store of dreams.  That and the sun is closer to Argentina than it is here.  Brrr!

We’re not going anywhere until this cup of coffee is finished.  First things first.

A Quote for Sunday

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Art Sunday #105: Joan Mitchell – Sunflower 3

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Joan Mitchell (February 12, 1925 – October 30, 1992) was an American “second generation” abstract expressionist painter and printmaker. She was a member of the American abstract expressionist movement, even though much of her career took place in France. Along with Lee Krasner, Grace Hartigan, Helen Frankenthaler, Shirley Jaffe and Sonia Gechtoff, she was one of her era’s few female painters to gain critical and public acclaim. Her paintings and editioned prints can be seen in major museums and collections across the United States and Europe.

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