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  1. Cool picture of the birdbath. Did it fall down on it’s own like that or did you take it off?
    Congratulations to Boogie and her Beau. Salt Lake City is supposed to be really pretty.

    UGH on the last picture of the bathroom. It gives me flashbacks of working on that house in South Carolina for almost three years ! Never again!

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    • I always take the bowl off every Fall so it doesn’t fill up and freeze. it’s a concrete bowl and I don’t want the ice to crack it.

      I’ve flown into SLC several times but never stayed to wander. everything I’ve ever seen about it confirms you’re right about how pretty it is there.

      and I like working around the place improving everything. the girls say I’ll have more into the house than what I’ll ever sell it for but what the hey.


      • I didn’t think about it freezing but we don’t have that problem here 😎 Yes I know you like to do home improvements and you do a great job from all I have seen. I’m sure the bathroom will look nice. I’m just over renovations after that mess up there. Glad it sold quickly and I made enough to pay off this place

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