Thursday Night


This is a “stay home for dinner” night here at my place.  Mainly cuz it’s too cold to go anywhere.  Yeh, I know I’m a wimp with the cold.  But I like all my pieces and parts exactly where I left them versus falling off cuz they were frozen.

Isn’t it interesting how the snow and wind makes designs on the ground?  I had to look and then look again before I realized the dimples were from the girls footie prints when they were playing in the old snow.  It’s interesting how the new snow didn’t obliterate them but I guess the old snow must have had a crust on it and the new stuff blow out.


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11 thoughts on “Thursday Night”

  1. A night for stew or soup with crusty bread & hearty cheese; it looks. Followed by a wee tot of Brandy, or whatever; after, to warm the cockles of the heart. But only a wee tot mind yah as it is a “school night”.

    Unless your work is giving you a “snow day” tomorrow. We here in almost always Sunny So.California may actually get a “rain day” if this river of water pouring from the sky doesn’t slow down. ~~dru~~

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