Thursday Night


This is a “stay home for dinner” night here at my place.  Mainly cuz it’s too cold to go anywhere.  Yeh, I know I’m a wimp with the cold.  But I like all my pieces and parts exactly where I left them versus falling off cuz they were frozen.

Isn’t it interesting how the snow and wind makes designs on the ground?  I had to look and then look again before I realized the dimples were from the girls footie prints when they were playing in the old snow.  It’s interesting how the new snow didn’t obliterate them but I guess the old snow must have had a crust on it and the new stuff blow out.

Random Thoughts for Thursday Lunchtime


I really, really enjoy seeing the sunshine come thru my office window (even if the damn thing is filthy dirty).  It leaves a nice warm glow plus it’s all free heat.  Heat is really good for central Minnesota around mid-January.  I’m going to miss it when we move out and move on especially since our new complex is right smack dab in the middle of some government building.

I really, really hate office drama and Swamp Thing tried to drag me right back into it and into her swamp.  I just exploited the nuclear option and removed her from the conversation.  Swamp Thing is probably wondering why no one is responding back.

I think I’m going to ask my yard guy to tell me what it would cost to move one of my lawn irrigation heads.  The damn thing is right smack dab where I want to put a new raised garden bed and it’s either move it or move the bed location.  Sucking up the move expense is looking more and more like the best solution to the problem.

I have two weeks to do demo and prep my downstairs bathroom for my guy to come in and do the remodel.  I would normally do it but it involves laying floor tile and I don’t have the equipment to do it.  Besides, my guy and get in and out in about a week and it’s fully functional after that.  It would take me longer since I could only work on it on week nights and on the weekends.  The demo and the prep work isn’t that hard and it saves me quite a bit if I do it versus having him do it.

I keep wanting to get out of the house but something keeps getting in the way.  I was sick last weekend and I have demo work starting this weekend.  We’ll have to schedule some time and just do it.

More later.  Feel free to comment or to simply leave a “Howdy!”