Hump Day Morning


You can’t tell by this iPhone pic but it is snowing out there.  I still take some enjoyment in watching it fall from the sky and covering up everything.  I’ve always liked how the snow covers everything in a layer of white and how by doing so it changes how we look at certain objects in a different manner.

It will be an interesting drive home later today tho.

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  1. Sorry if you got that comment twice. I kept getting an error. So I’m not sure if it was posted to your most recent post or not 😊

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  2. yep, it might be a tad slick! be careful out there. Its supposed to be mild here the next few days, 55 today, 65 tomorrow then back into the 40s…but that’s a heat wave compared to the frigid 19 we had a few days back! 🙂

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