Tuesday Afternoon

There’s a cold wind blowing out there tonight but at least it stopped snowing.  Now we get to experience the thrill of drifting of the snow and some bitter damn wind chills.  I was thinking about running some errands but elected against it given the road conditions and how people are driving right now.  It’s safer to stay home right now and try to stay warm.

I watched the sun go down for today and the temperatures drop with it.  The gummy’s tree swings are dancing in the wind as they blow and forth.  The snow blows across the ground like sand at the beach and shapes and reshapes the snow drifts in the backyard.  It will be a cold night out there tonight and I refilled the bunny’s feed dish so the two of that I know that feeds there will have something to eat tonight.

January has always felt like a lonely month to me.  It’s like we sit and wait impatiently for Spring to arrive as we try to figure out how to stay warm during the coldest month of winter.  I look outside while the winds blow the snow and it makes me wonder when green will return to my life.

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  1. That looks dam cold alright! … btw, I like your use of the word ‘gummys’ … you’re referring to your grandchildren ay? I call mine ‘bublets’ lol.

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