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  1. Probably from 90-100 degrees F it’s “who the hell cares what the temp is outside, Oh My Friggin God it’s hot!!” in my book but otherwise this is smack dab on, Jim. I say copyright it and make t-shirts!

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  2. It’s not boring when YOU write about the weather. It is boring when I write about the weather. You must not take things personally LOL 😀 I like your weather scale by the way

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  3. My take on that

    100F+ (38C+) = “Try to stay alive until you get back to Sweden”
    80F – 100F (27C – 38C) = “Keep trying to stay alive, you are almost home in summer Sweden now”
    60F – 80F (16C – 27C) = “Wait until evening, then it gets comfortable”
    40F – 60F (4C – 16C) = “Normal clothes and work weather”
    20F – 40F (-7C – 4C) = “Time to prepare for hibernating”
    Anything <20F (<-7C) = “Hibernate and don't wake up until Spring!”

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  4. You’ve got this wrong, Jim:

    100F+ (38C+) = Don’t move! Stay in a cave or cellar where it is cool!
    80F – 100F (27C – 38C) = Ahhhhhhh! I love whoever invented AC
    60F – 80F (16C – 27C) = That’s pretty nice for a barbecue
    40F – 60F (4C – 16C) = Nice! I can wear my new fancy coat and boots
    20F – 40F (-7C – 4C) = Amiably cool winter weather
    Anything <20F (<-7C) = Finally some proper winter cold! Hope this stays for some weeks ^^

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