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  1. I turned my lights off last night at midnight but didn’t take anything down or in because it was actually raining all day. I’m doing that tomorrow but I’m also putting plain white lights in the two lime trees in my large pots, keeping a green wreath on the door but with just white lights and hauling out the two all white deer I didn’t use when “HE” decided to go multi-color again for this year.

    After I take the red bows off the deer and spraying all the 12 bottles of fake “snow” all over the weeds that have grown up since the rain started and I’ll HAVE MY WINTER FEST. At least until the rains start up again.

    I too can’t stand the meagerness of the lack of lights. So I’m doing something about it; since I don’t live in a Snow Zone. giggle, giggle…..”HE” is not happy about the spray snow but what can he do? Love my ideas…but sort of hate having to do the work. At least the snow may kill off the gourmet salad that is now growing in my Sunny (most often) So. California yard.

    Take care tomorrow. ~~dru~~

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  2. Here is what you do. You take your snow blower and blow it over to the house and make a big pile about 6 feel along the perimeter of the house so that way if you fall off the roof you land in the pile of snow and you probably won’t get hurt , at least not too badly. But you may not have quite enough snow there to do that so I think you need more snow so you can do that and then get all the lights off. Oh and you have to do it the same day you make the big piles of snow so it will still be soft, otherwise it will freeze and be hard and then you would get hurt and all that work would have been in vain…

    Don’t you love advice from a smart azz in Florida ? 😉 You’re welcome !

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