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      1. I vividly remember those bitter winters and blizzards in the Black Hills of South Dakota. but we also got “Banana Belt” weather as well. there were a lot of days I’d go to work in February in a short sleeve shirt but the parka was never very far away. we’d see those blue/black clouds headed towards us from Montana and we knew it was gonna blow up a bad snow.

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      2. but it was low humidity and it was deceptive because it was low humidity. you didn’t feel the cold or the heat as much and it was easy to get frostbit or have some heat exhaustion.

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    1. the freezing, the shivering, how your face hurts when the wind blows, how the cold makes your nose run … then freeze. ugh!

      but then again …

      we would be outside in it for as long as possible when I was a kid. we’d be sledding, walking thru the snow, playing in the snow drifts and then come in barking like seals with wind burned red faces.

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