Saturday Afternoon


Today is my annual “Put away the last of the Christmas decorations and brave the cold to take down the outdoor lights” day at my place.  It’s nasty cold out there and all you can do if wrap up as best as you can and put on your snow boots.  That and take your time and to know when to get your tail back inside and out of the cold.

Besides, you don’t have to get everything done in one day.  That and there’s too much snow and ice on the roof and I’d more than likely break my neck if I attempt to take those down even if they do come off like a zipper opening.  Yo would suddenly hear a wild man scream and that would be me as I slid off the roof.  Not good for me.

It looks sorta bare and nekkid out there now that most of the lights are down.  We need some sort of winter fest or something along those lines to help light up the upcoming long and cold winter’s nights.  Anything.  It’s gonna be quite a while until Spring and warm weather returns to central Minnesota.