Note to Self

Yanno Self, I know I said one of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat better this year but these cold, green grapes just aren’t the same as room temperature chocolates.  And I don’t even wanna hear you mock me for eating them either.  You’re a real PITA at times Self.  Don’t even think of messing with my wine consumption.

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    • Just have self remind you that tomorrow is recycling and you need to take out the bottles tonight or in keeping with some other resolutions. Very early next AM.

      Speaking of resolutions, one of my Catz…”Feed Me” i think, jumped on my keyboard while I was out and now all my screens are Sooooo Biggggg that while I can read ’em I can’t find the buttons for most functions and my “mush for brains” can’t remember how to change the characters back to “regular” Baby Boomer Function instead of Old Baby Boomer Function.

      Well maybe I should take some of the bottles out before they are empty and then re-learn something new. BUT I’ll think I’ll wait until tomorrow for that. Gotta go have someone FEED ME on this 3-Kings Festival Night. I’m being treated to a gift of a feast cuz I watched someone else’s cat and sand bags on New Year’s Eve. Made it home for Mariah though…but so what? ~~dru~~

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      • recycling for me is every other Thursday and that’s next week.

        try Holding the Ctrl button and tapping the minus (-) a few times.