A quote for “Thank Gawd It’s Friday!”


I never knew he said this.  It would certainly marry up with those movies for the 50’s.  Maybe the older Baby Boomers will remember this better than me.


17 thoughts on “A quote for “Thank Gawd It’s Friday!”

  1. Ike may have said this; he had a decent sense of humor. I don’t remember, as I was born in ’50, so only heard him speak as a child… If he wasn’t kidding around, I suspect it was made after his Alzheimer’s set in….


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      1. Don’ knock Boom Boom Butt Jim or for that matter my Jelly Boom Boom Belly. When yah got it; yah got IT! (drum roll please and a big ~finish~ Badda Bing * Badda Boom!)

        Cuz don’t cha know…..you gotta have a gimmick.

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