Thursday Evening


I’m fascinated by the birds that come to visit me and my feeders.  I’m still looking for that decal or some kinda chart that I can keep at my backdoor so I can refer to it whenever a new one shows up to feed.  In the meanwhile, my camera lens and Google is my friend so I can ask a general question and then look at the images and compare it to my pic so I can try to figure out what they are.

I’m 99% certain that this is an adult female Hairy Woodpecker.  Don’t ask my why it’s called “Hairy” when it has feathers cuz I’m sure someone out there with a lot of background in birds could explain it to me while I give them the “deer-in-the-headlights” look.  Its not that I’m apathetic mind you other than it’s more it really doesn’t matter to me other than to just know an answer.  It all clutters up in my brain anywho.

I was curious how their call sounded and I found it at  Check out the “Peek Note” and you can listen to what I hear quite often in the trees behind my place.  It’s kind of fascinating to show them to the gummys and then let them listen to their calls.  The girls are getting really good at telling me which bird is which.

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    1. yanno, that just gets me thinking about all sorts of naughty retorts that I could make but it would only get me into some more damn trouble and I already have enough of that as it is.

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      1. Ahahaha, I posted two blogs today, you can go over there and make those remarks. No one reads my blog but you and Boo so it’s ok 🙂

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      2. LOL you know, like love you and hug you and share a hot cup of cocoa with you, well Boo might share some wine, but I don’t drink wine so I will share cocoa and I will even put marshmallows in it. See, all very innocent. You surely didn’t think I meant “take care of you” as in the mafia way did you ?? :-O

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      3. think ill of you two? Shaaaaaaaaaaaaa! why would you ever thunk that?

        wine and marshmallows? that sounds like an interesting combination. why a marshmallow? put a frozen grape in there instead.

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      4. No silly , marshmallows in the hot cocoa, Frozen grapes would cool it off too quickly. I can think of something else to do with those grapes, but… nah, nevermind. 😉

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