Hump Day Afternoon


It’s a nice day out there even if it’s only 2F (-17C) in central Minnesota this afternoon.  It was colder and I thought about running some errands but I looked at the temperature and thought to myself “Brrrr!  I’ll wait a bit longer and hopefully it will warm up.”  Well it did.  It warmed from -3F to 1F and off I went to get some gas in Petey and to get her cleaned up as well.  Trust me when I say that this is most definitely not the sexy part of winter.

The car wash wasn’t busy at all for whatever reason and I thoroughly enjoyed having it to myself (other than the owner who was there doing some maintenance).  It was nice and warm in there and it almost felt like a sauna with the steamy hot water being sprayed as I gave Petey a good scrub down.  She’s nice and shiny once again and I even managed to towel her off since no one ever showed to use any of the stalls.  More importantly, the gas tank access flap works and hasn’t frozen shut.  Yeh, I learned about that the hard way a few years back.

My ever faithful chickadees came to feed as did some wrens and now the woodpeckers are becoming routine visitors.  I wonder where my cardinals and Blue Jays took off to?  I’m sure they’re around somewhere close.  I have to check my bunny feed dish shortly so I know the bunny has something to eat.

So back to work tomorrow since I somehow didn’t manage to win the lotto during this break.  Well, I suppose it keeps my life from becoming to dull and boring.



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37 thoughts on “Hump Day Afternoon”

  1. Hope your car stays fresh, the worst part about winter in Montana is it’ll be 0 at night and 33 at day. Everything melts and gets muddy, then in the morning everything’s frozen completely shut, plus the death traps everywhere made of weird brown ice. good luck to you and petey!!

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    1. I lived in the Black Hills so I know exactly what you are talking about. I could live with the snow and with blizzards but what I really, really hated was the black ice.

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      1. I’m so sorry for you that you lived there haha. It was pretty funny to move to somewhere warm where a tiny sprinkle of snow would stop the entire city when black ice was basically an everyday thing for montana. I hope you don’t have to deal with that now though

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      2. we don’t deal with black ice that often here. I have to deal with Soccer Moms and Soccer Dads who drive like maniacs in the snow tho.


  2. I posted some snow pictures too, but I had to swipe them from my daughter in Idaho.

    The birds are probably hiding under their feathers trying to keep warm .

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      1. LOLOL I would not do that to you. I love you too much. But I would probably keep you there to do work around the cabin because I have a bad knee… 😉

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  3. Meanwhile, it’s 63 F here in China and it’s only 5 in the morning. Hmm, I wonder how warm it’s going to be today. I’m starting to feel bad about all those who are enduring the bitter cold winter.

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      1. and don’t take no guff from anyone. show them your best martial arts stances with a real mean look on your face. they’ll take one look at you and say “Ummmmm … not today.”

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