Hump Day Afternoon


It’s a nice day out there even if it’s only 2F (-17C) in central Minnesota this afternoon.  It was colder and I thought about running some errands but I looked at the temperature and thought to myself “Brrrr!  I’ll wait a bit longer and hopefully it will warm up.”  Well it did.  It warmed from -3F to 1F and off I went to get some gas in Petey and to get her cleaned up as well.  Trust me when I say that this is most definitely not the sexy part of winter.

The car wash wasn’t busy at all for whatever reason and I thoroughly enjoyed having it to myself (other than the owner who was there doing some maintenance).  It was nice and warm in there and it almost felt like a sauna with the steamy hot water being sprayed as I gave Petey a good scrub down.  She’s nice and shiny once again and I even managed to towel her off since no one ever showed to use any of the stalls.  More importantly, the gas tank access flap works and hasn’t frozen shut.  Yeh, I learned about that the hard way a few years back.

My ever faithful chickadees came to feed as did some wrens and now the woodpeckers are becoming routine visitors.  I wonder where my cardinals and Blue Jays took off to?  I’m sure they’re around somewhere close.  I have to check my bunny feed dish shortly so I know the bunny has something to eat.

So back to work tomorrow since I somehow didn’t manage to win the lotto during this break.  Well, I suppose it keeps my life from becoming to dull and boring.