Just so you know


Minnesota.  Where we have perfected the art of bundling up against the cold.  The upside is then you can wave “Hi!” at everyone that you pass by.

Then they spend the rest of the day wondering who the hell waved “Hi!” to them.

14 responses to “Just so you know

      • Vancouver is so not used to all this snow and ice – the city has already spread 7000 tons of salt on the main roads/highways and people cannot buy any more as the stores are sold out! Today the city gave some of their stockpile to various fire halls so people could receive one bucketful of free salt but now there is none to be had. We are lucky down here by the water, people living at higher elevations are feeling trapped by the icy conditions and heaps of snow all around. It’s a dangerous winter wonderland, that’s for sure!!

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      • it won;t last long but be careful. it sounds awfully a lot like what happens down south when it snows down there. they all like to die and they think the world is coming to an end.

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