Just so you know


Minnesota.  Where we have perfected the art of bundling up against the cold.  The upside is then you can wave “Hi!” at everyone that you pass by.

Then they spend the rest of the day wondering who the hell waved “Hi!” to them.

Tuesday Afternoon


The Ice Maiden came to visit today.  All of the rain that fell yesterday froze which made it lots of fun trying to walk around plus the temps took a plunge.  We aren’t having Miss Anna’s or Miss Roberta’s winter wonderland out there.  What we’re having instead is just plain cold   I forgot to take my gloves with me when I ran some errands around lunch time and quickly regretted it.  The Arctic air blasted my hands and made my knuckles hurt.

Tonight is gonna be a bitter cold night with some God awful wind chills.  It won’t be a fit night out there for man nor beast.  I checked all of my bird feeders and made sure they had plenty of seed and I checked the bunny dish while I was at it.  I’m glad I did since it was almost empty from last night’s feeding.  That would be one cruel gesture to deprive one of God’s creatures with food on a night like this one is going to be when it has become somewhat dependent upon the food that I leave out.  Yeh, that’s a sin that I couldn’t live with.

I’ve sat here and watched the sun go down leaving an orange glow on the horizon and I’ve listened to the cars go by as people hurry home from work.  The fading light as the day ends takes me back to when I was a kid in southern Iowa during this time of year.  All that is missing right now is the smell of burning coal from our neighbor’s coal furnace and the sounds of cars and trucks on the highway going near by our home.

What’s also missing is the frost on the windows as the Ice Maiden slowly painted them in white.  I’d take my fingernail and carve designs on the frosted windows.  Momma hated when I did that.  She said that the glass was brittle and I could end up knocking a piece of glass out and freezing us all out of house and home.  I think it was more likely she didn’t want to clean the window when the weather did finally warm and the frost went away.

Yeh, it’s an early January in central Minnesota.  Cold temps, cold winds and cold days are all that we get to look forward to for this month.  Let’s hope this month goes by quickly.