A thought for Monday



18 thoughts on “A thought for Monday

  1. I’m too old to be going through those new doors . Never quite sure what monsters might be lurking. I prefer staying right here behind my old door and being a recluse in my old age. I hope to be known as the eccentric old bird lady by all the neighborhood kids 😀

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      • My two best lady friends are cat ladies. I have to be different you know. I DO have a cat, his name is CAT, but when CAT goes to cat heaven , that is the end of the cats for me. He is 17 years old so who knows when that might be though he still seems to be getting around well and has never been sick at all .

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      • No, I have a healthy respect for the gators which means I stay far enough away from them that they can’t pull me in and drown me. Drowning is one of my fears so I am not going to make it happen by messing with a gator ya know !

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