Monday Evening


I miss my blue skies and golden sunlight.  These January days have grey skies that last for days on end and they become taxing on your soul.  I was going to give my car a good scrubbing today but they forecasted rain mixed with that white stuff and sure enough it started falling from the sky after lunch.  Well, maybe I can get it done tomorrow or even the day after.

I found it odd that most of the birds disappeared today with the exception of two woodpeckers.  They were busy at the suet feeder apparently getting ready for bad weather.  I picked up a new cake for them and we’ll add that to the other side of the feeder.  It will be interesting to see if the two of them draw them in more and more now.

So now it’s time to settle in for the central Minnesota winter now that the Christmas holiday is over.  It will be a long time until a new Spring.  No worries tho.  There’s plenty to do to keep me busy until then.

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  1. the weather here has been so erratic; xmas day near 70, a cold snap of 30 the next day or two. Its still nearly 60 here right now. We have not seen any white stuff at all. I do not like the gray dreary days esp when it gets dark so early 😦

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