New Year’s Day Evening


Well, another Christmas holiday season is at an end and it’s time for me to start packing things away.  I started with my Christmas star because I noticed that it had a bit of wear.  I suppose that it isn’t made to last forever since it is made from paper and this is the … wow! … the eighth year that I hung it from the front year.  Has it really been eight years since I bought it in Munich?  I guess so.  Time to find some replacements on-line.

So we’ll take down the tree and stow away the ornaments tomorrow and then start putting away other things as well.  The Nativity set stays out until the 5th tho.  You can blame that one on the nuns and an old superstition that I have laser etched in the back of my skull.  Actually I’d leave it all out until the 5th if I strictly adhered to it but let’s not get too carried away with it.

Art Sunday #103: Tamara de Lempicka – The Musician


Tamara Łempicka, commonly known as Tamara de Lempicka (16 May 1898 – 18 March 1980), was a Polish Art Deco painter and “the first woman artist to be a glamour star”. Influenced by Cubism, Lempicka became the leading representative of the Art Deco style across two continents, a favorite artist of many Hollywood stars, referred to as ‘the baroness with a brush’. She was the most fashionable portrait painter of her generation among the haute bourgeoisie and aristocracy, painting duchesses and grand dukes and socialites. Through her network of friends, she was also able to display her paintings in the most elite salons of the era. Lempicka was criticized as well as admired for her ‘perverse Ingrism’, referring to her modern restatement of the master Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, as displayed in her work Group of Four Nudes (1925) among other studies.