Saturday Afternoon


I wish I lived near the ocean sometimes.  I can make a fine feast out of seafood even if my cholesterol would go thru the roof even higher than it already is.  But that’s OK since I’d plan on walking up and down on the beach to help burn all of those calories off.  Yep, some day I’ll live by the sea.

In the meanwhile I’m here in central Minnesota getting ready to ring in the new year in my own way with a bottle of ice cider.  One dish for dinner tomorrow is prepped and in the fridge.  The gummys will be here tomorrow and I’ll give them a cowbell each so they can go from room to room chasing away the evil spirits and bad ghosts.  They’ll make one helluva racket but they’ll have a lotta fun doing it.

8 responses to “Saturday Afternoon

  1. Oh my goodness, I feel like an idiot, I never realized lobster was so incredibly high in cholesterol?! After you wrote that, I questioned you, I admit it, and I”m sorry I ever doubted your infinite wisdom. I have heart disease and incredibly high cholesterol, how has my doc never told me to avoid lobster in my Pescatarian diet. Not that I eat it often, but still good information to know.

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    • oh go on ya goose. I have thought you to be quite an intelligent woman based upon what I’ve read on your site. and a little decadence every now and then is good for your soul. it’s all good. 🙂

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