Five for Friday

Man, this is late.  I had two wee ones to watch, feed and keep out of trouble and then errands to run after their Momma picked them up.  Let’s see if I can get thru this.

1. I normally have a pic that I take to add to my posts.  I’m visual and somehow they just seem to go together when you do a blog post.  Write a post – include a pic.  Yeh, they just seem to go hand-in-hand as far as I’m concerned.

2. Like I told Lisa, I’m making lobster mac and cheese for New Year’s dinner.  Lobster isn’t cheap here in central Minnesota but my grocer has lobster tails on sale every now and then and usually at this time of year.  It’s kinda pricey to make but it eats damn good.

3. It’s starting to be “that time of year” once again.  It’s time to start gathering up all of my paperwork for taxes.  I made Obama happy last year.  Somehow I really, really don’t want to make Trump happy ever.

4. This week went by way to fast for me.  How did it become Friday so quickly.  It seems like it was just a day or two ago when we were having Christmas dinner.

5.  One of my Nativity set figurines became a casualty over the holiday.  One of the gummys was messing with them and one of the Three Kings took a nose dive.  I know a guy that repairs porcelain tho so it will all be made good once again.  The repairs will cost more that what it’s worth but it’s hard to find large size porcelain figurines here in the states and the set has a sentimental value to me.  Sometimes money isn’t what has real value for us.  Speaking of the Three Kings, here’s their shrine in Cologne Cathedral.  See?  I did have a pic for this post.


Hey, we made it!  That’s it for now sports fans.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a simple “Howdy!” if’n you’re so inclined.


23 thoughts on “Five for Friday

      1. I loved your pics of Madrid during Christmas time. I have not been to Spain in December. I’ve seen central Europe at that time but not Spain.


    1. oh yeh, porcelain repair is available if you can find someone who does it. you would never know it was broken unless I told you and showed you where the break was.

      there are two things to find in Cologne cathedral: the Shrine to the Three Magi and St. Christopher’s statue. I found both. 🙂

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