Tuesday Morning


I have to confess that I was a slob before I decided to belong to Uncle Sugar for a fair number of years.  Momma tried to break me of my bad habits to no avail no matter how hard she tried.  Man, she would get so mad with me and she would mete out justice in an almost medievil way.  Yeh, there were days where I sat down just a wee bit gingerly.

Then I was introduced to Vietnam vets who wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.  “Oh, did you say “No” airman?  Were you the one that did this crappy job?  Let’s do it again and to make sure you don’t do a crappy job again, let’s just assign you this detail every day for a month or two.”  Yeh, I got “religion” real quick.  That version of torture was soon followed up with “Why is my office area looking like a pig sty?  Why aren’t you demonstrating a little fortitude and a little initiative and make sure this place is picked up before I notice it?”  “Fortitude”.  I didn’t even know the word existed until I met these guys.  I don’t know if they used the word properly or not but it sure stuck in my head after all of these years.

So last night I was sitting here at the table and I noticed the hutch was looking a tab bit dusty and the glass is in dire need of a good cleaning.  “I’ll do it tomorrow.” I said to myself.  Then I spent a restless night sleeping as the ghosts of I dont know how many retired vets came back to haunt me asking me why I didn’t get off my lazy backside and get it done when I noticed it the first time.  Needless to say I’ve been cleaning and washing the hell out of stuff since I got up this morning.  The sins of my past replayed thru my head over and over again.  Alright, alright I get it!  Ugh!

Yeh, you’ll know me 30 years from now when you find me in “The Home“.  I’ll be the one wandering around with a bottle of Windex muttering something about dirty windows and unkempt floors.  Somewhere Momma is having a good chuckle right about now.


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  1. I used to be very disorganized as a kid and did not see the point in spending so much time cleaning. Now that I am an adult I cannot stand a mess and I hate losing things. I have realized we waste a lot of time when we are messy and people get annoyed when everyone has to stop what they are doing so you can find the keys
    before everyone can go out and do something.

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  2. Loved this and related to the laying in bed thinking about it. Being a stay at home mom who took care of almost all the cleaning for many years created a bit of a ‘I’m the only one who will do it so I can do it later’ attitude. Not good. 😉 I’m sure your hutch looks lovely this morning. 🙂

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