Let’s see …


One elbow is sore, my blood pressure is up according to my eye doctor and now I did a number on a knee.  Ugh!  I’d sell myself to a dog food factory if I were a horse in this condition.  Let’s see if I can somehow manage to survive tomorrow.

Random Thoughts for Boxing Day


I suppose I shouldn’t but I always buy one of those boxes of assorted chocolates for the Christmas holiday.  They just sorta call out my name “Jim, come buy me and eat us!”  I’m weak and caved but damn they eat good.

I noticed the Jays love the peanuts in the seed.  I’ll have to buy a bag to add to my stock of bird feed.

It’s cold and grey and now it’s snowing out there.  It makes me want to hunker down.  The fireplace is going and that helps.  We did inside chores today to avoid going outside.  Three more hallway lights came down and three more LED lights went up in their place.  I have a couple dings in the stairway wall to mend and a ceiling to paint.  There’s always something to do around here.

It must be John Wayne day today on the tube.