Christmas Eve

It’s a busy afternoon at my place as I do all sorts of prep work for Christmas dinner tomorrow.  I took a break because “The Nutcracker” is on the tube and I had to stop just to watch it.  Yeh, I like “that kinda music” too.  Too bad I missed at least half of it because I wasn’t paying attention.  I think I’ll find the DVD and add it to my collection.  I know the gummys would be fascinated to watch it but it’s on tomorrow and I set a reminder so I can see the whole show.

It’s a busy day in the kitchen with three things prepped on one more to go.  I shared my day watching the birds at the feeders and I noticed that the Jays were finally drawn in close enough and came often enough that I could get some pics taken.  The woodpeckers were drawn to the suet feeder and the other birds made themselves busy cleaning up everything else.  I opened the patio door and just listened to all of them singing the afternoon away.

Now it’s late in the afternoon and the birds headed out for the day.  I have to be thinking of some supper soon since I forgot about and worked thru lunch.  I think this will be a good night to sit back with a fire, sip on some wine and watch the Christmas shows on PBS as the night grows dark.


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12 thoughts on “Christmas Eve”

  1. What great shots of all the birdies ! I see your patience paid off and you got your bluejay 🙂

    I’ll have you know I attended the Nutcracker Ballet for over 20 years every Christmas. Haven’t seen it since I have been down here, but I did find out too late that a Russian Ballet troupe had performed over in Orlando this year and I was really disappointed that I missed it. So see, I like “that kind” of music. But that “other kind” , well I only like some of it 🙂

    Merry Christmas little brother ♥♥

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      1. Whatttt? I used to watch Lawrence Welk when I was a little kid. My dad and mom had it on every Saturday night. Us kids would start dancing around the livingroom to that music and then my dad would get aggravated and tell us to settle down LOL. I liked the bubbles 😀

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  2. Hey my friend!!!…
    I toooo love the Nutcracker and the musik…one day I will buy the DVD and soundtrack…for now I will check to see if they have the soundtrack on Spotify ….lol I went to see the nutcracker when I was very young when I won a prize at school with a few other rugg ratts lol..Fell in love with it ever since…
    Our family uses suet feeders since we lived in Vermont so you caught me off guard when I read this and seen your pictures…since I haven’t known any other person that uses suet feeders…that is an old tradition for our family…
    When my daughter was a rugg ratt many moons ago…we would find pine cones and put peanut butter all over the cone and then roll it in bird seed and tie a piece of yarn to it and hang it on the trees outside(course not inside) ; ) and make homemade bird feeders for the winter…
    anyways its great to see your pictures and your story…
    you still haven’t sent any snow this way…it is going to be rain and 72 here …blah…
    Huggggs to you my friend

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