Christmas Eve

It’s a busy afternoon at my place as I do all sorts of prep work for Christmas dinner tomorrow.  I took a break because “The Nutcracker” is on the tube and I had to stop just to watch it.  Yeh, I like “that kinda music” too.  Too bad I missed at least half of it because I wasn’t paying attention.  I think I’ll find the DVD and add it to my collection.  I know the gummys would be fascinated to watch it but it’s on tomorrow and I set a reminder so I can see the whole show.

It’s a busy day in the kitchen with three things prepped on one more to go.  I shared my day watching the birds at the feeders and I noticed that the Jays were finally drawn in close enough and came often enough that I could get some pics taken.  The woodpeckers were drawn to the suet feeder and the other birds made themselves busy cleaning up everything else.  I opened the patio door and just listened to all of them singing the afternoon away.

Now it’s late in the afternoon and the birds headed out for the day.  I have to be thinking of some supper soon since I forgot about and worked thru lunch.  I think this will be a good night to sit back with a fire, sip on some wine and watch the Christmas shows on PBS as the night grows dark.