Five for Friday


So yesterday was a busy, busy day with two wee ones to watch over which kept me on my toes.  Let’s see if I can get thru this one today.

1. Today is another cookie baking day for the gummys and me.  It’s a good thing most of this stuff will go home with them.  They kept me pretty busy yesterday hence no posts.  I don’t know who spelt better last night them or me.

2. Yeh, I will be joining the endless throngs of last minute Christmas shoppers.  I never get done with time to spare.

3. Yanno, I like this feeling of not having to be anywhere.  I’m really looking forward to retirement.  Now all I have to do is hit the lotto and I can retire early.

4.  Christmas was my favorite time of year when I was a kid.  There were the Christmas lights all over town, the music playing when Momma was out shopping, the Advent wreath, the large Nativity set and the lit trees at church, all of the TV specials and the food of course.  Those were all great but nothing beat escaping from the nuns for the Christmas break.

5. My bird feeders have really been busy the past few days.  They’ve really been feeding hard at the new one but I still haven’t seen the Blue Jay come in to feed yet.  Hopefully the wait won’t bee too long and hopefully I have a camera ready when it does decide to show.

Well that’s it for this week.  Feel free to leave a comment or even leave a “Howdy do”.