Gawd, I hate Windows!


I think I have spent like half my friggen morning resetting Windows preferences because this laptop decided “F**k It!  I Quit!” and then just quit working correctly.  Ugh!  Who designed this user’s Hell?  It must be a Nun who is programmer with evil intent.  Maybe a prayer would help.

“Please God, save me from this ungodly horror called Microsoft Office.”

I think I’m being punished for not paying attention to the nuns when I was in Catholic school.  Yeh.  I think that’s it.  His holiness The Pope must own some stock in that company in Washington state.  I am so hosed.

Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


The sun is streaming in thru my office window.  It feels nice and excellent on my back for a December day in central Minnesota.  The downside is I have to turn the blinds in order to see my puter monitors.  It’s hard to find that balance between letting the sun in and getting some work done.

Speaking of getting some work done, our IT folks fixed my laptop and gave it back to me yesterday afternoon.  It’s still a five year old system but they completely wiped it and installed Windows and other work related software back on to it.  It works better but it’s still a five year old system.  Minor victories are sometimes good victories.

I’m gonna hafta get out for another neighborhood walk with my camera.  Miss Anna likes seeing pics of the neighborhood.  Momma C likes the snow pics.  Me?  I like staying warm.  I hopefully won’t be swarmed by a gigantic herd of hungry bunnies while out on a walkabout.

I have a few bunny trails in my yard that now look like it’s as wide as the I-95 stretch from New Jersey to DC even tho I have only seen the one bunny feeding.  That’s gonna be one fat bunny come Spring.

OMG!  It’s -1C (31F) out there!  Where’s my Hawaiian shirts?

More later.  Feel free to comment, hit that “Like” button or visit my site so I get to see your nation’s flag on my dashboard.  Yeh, we like seeing the flags.  It’s interesting to see who visits from where.