Monday Afternoon


Wow!  It was an incredible 20*F (-6C) out there today.  Yayayayayayaya.  I know it sounds like I’m living near the gates of Hell … actually it seems to me that Hell would be a lot warmer unless you’re Ebenezer Scrooge who had an ice pit to look forward to working in and absolutely no heat at all which is a total pain considering Hell is supposed to be hotter than Hell which makes no sense when you stop to think about it because by which scale are you measuring the heat and how does anyone even gauge how hot Hell is supposed to be and I think I’m rambling on … where was I?  Oh yeh.  It’s a huge temperature shift since yesterday and it seems almost tropical now except the sun is  starting to go down now and the moisture in the air is getting colder.  If it wasn’t for those minor little things I’d be outside with shorts on.