Sunday Morning


It’s cold out there this morning and I’m trying to convince myself that “Yes, I really do need to go out in it.”  The argument isn’t passing the common sense test in my pea brain.  I checked my Yahoo Weather app on my phone.  It tells me it’s a rather tropical -29C (-20F) out there right now.  My brain says “I told it it was friggen cold out there!” but my shopping list keeps telling me “Dude, you have to get this done.  Man up and suck it up.”  I hate central Minnesota in December right now.  My coffee cup beckons at me and wins the argument for now.  Yeh, warmth is definitely a good thing.

Art Sunday 101: Marc Chagall – Lovers Over Paris


Art historians Ingo Walther and Rainer Metzger refer to Chagall as a “poet, dreamer, and exotic apparition.” They add that throughout his long life the “role of outsider and artistic eccentric” came naturally to him, as he seemed to be a kind of intermediary between worlds: “as a Jew with a lordly disdain for the ancient ban on image-making; as a Russian who went beyond the realm of familiar self-sufficiency; or the son of poor parents, growing up in a large and needy family.” Yet he went on to establish himself in the sophisticated world of “elegant artistic salons.”