Saturday Morning


The Ice Maiden dumped another 6 inches (15CM) of brand new icky bad white stuff on us.  Fortunately it stopped.  I got up, looked outside, did a shiver and headed straight for the coffee maker.  I had to fortify myself with a cup of coffee before I drug out my extreme cold winter boots and got dressed to go clear the drive.

Man, did the wind ever bite at my face when I was out there.  It took a while for me to get the snowblower started and running on its own and we went to work on the snow.  The drive is clean but now I’m waiting for the snowplow to go by and fill up the end of my drive so I have to clean it out again.  Ugh!  It’s too cold outside for this.

I was cleaning off the deck so I could get to the feeders and the bird bath when I heard the Blue Jay calling.  I’m pretty sure he’s nesting up in the pines but I haven’t quite figured out how to attract him and the woodpeckers that are around here.  I have an idea and hopefully it will work out.

In the meanwhile, I’m back inside where it’s warm and I just notice that the plow just went by plugging up my drive and the area in front of my mail box.  I have to go back out and brave the cold once again.  Ugh!  I hate winter in Minnesota.


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    1. there you are. where have you been? yeh, they are pretty birds with a distinctive cry. I think I’ve found a feeder that will help draw him in. that or I may make one myself. I have to be mindful of the other birds tho. jays tend to be a tad bit on the bully side. I would still like to capture him in pictures tho. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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  1. It sure looks pretty though. I suppose it is nice until you have to go out in it and deal with the elements. It is only supposed to be 50 degrees (high temp) here in our part of California today, BRRRR – I will have to pull out my winter coat.

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