Five for Friday


We’re a tab bit late this morning on this but let’s see if I can get the squirrel fired up so it will spin its wheel and power up the old grey matter.

1. This is a baking weekend for me.  There’s a new layered dinner roll recipe to try out to see if I can actually pull it off or not.  Otherwise it’s on to Plan B.  I think I’ll warm up the house by baking a pumpkin nut bread this afternoon.

2. I’ve been working on my list for the market.  My brain is a tab bit fuzzy this morning and it’s not going so well.

3. I stood there and watched one of the bunnies feeding last night.  It was too dark to even try to attempt to get a pic of it but we’ll try something tonight and we’ll see what happens.  The gummys say that I have to feed them because they will starve cuz it’s so cold.  Sometimes I think that they think too much like me.  I’ll have to check the feed dish and make sure it’s full because of #4.

4. There was a nice little snow early this morning dropping maybe an inch of snow.  We have a winter storm warning running from noon today until 6:00 PM (1800) tomorrow.  I feel like I’m back in the Dakotas after reading the warning.  I guess that means taking some photos.

5. I’m looking at this other type of memory card that my camera takes and I’m wondering if it would be worth the expense of getting it.  It won’t plug in to my MacBook so I would have to use the cable to download pics off of it.  Plus, I have two back up memory cards.  I’ll have to think about it some more.  Does anyone have any experience with the CompactFlash memory cards?  Maybe it’s a “Google to the rescue!” moment.

Okey dokey Pokey.  There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a “Well that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” if you feel the moment.



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  1. Hey Jim, have you seen Ritu’s recipe for a Christmas tree? You take two layers of puff pastry with a pile of Nutella in-between. Cut in the shape of a Christmas tree. Cut straight into each side of the tree and twist the cuts. Bake and there you have it.

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