A mid-December Afternoon

The air bit at my face when I went outside to check on a couple things. It was just as I figured; the dry winter air mixed with a breeze evaporated a good part of the water in the bird bath.  I filled it back up with a pitcher of water while the winter air continued to bite at me.  It was a good thing that I remembered a stocking cap to cover my ears.

All of the bunny tracks in the snow around the base of the deck just told me what I could expect at the feed dish.  Yeh, that was half gone.  I topped that off too and I continue to look after a few of God’s creatures even tho I have yet to see one feeding there.  The trail of tracks going to and from the bushes let me know that they’re there even if I just don’t happen to see any of them.  But somehow it gives me a little comfort with the notion in my head that I’m helping something stay alive during a bitter cold month in central Minnesota.

The clouds in the sky looked somewhat ominous to me and they’re warning me about the snow that’s headed this way.  It also reminded me to check to see when the winter solstice will occur this year.  Six more days and then the days start getting longer.  Too bad the season doesn’t get shorter.  It’s going to be a long time until St. Patrick’s Day when I can think of planting my peas for a new garden.  But for now I wonder what it would be like to experience the winter solstice at Stonehenge.


8 thoughts on “A mid-December Afternoon

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  2. What a lovely, wintry read! I’m happy to read that you are helping your wildlife neighbours, it warms the heart – I’m writing this as Christmas music is playing on the radio and have just finished drinking a delicious hot chocolate and yes, I’m counting the days until the solstice as well!

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      1. portapatetcormagis

        We just had the weather conditions in your corner of the world in the news.
        Take care of yourself, your family and the bunnies over there!

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