Hump Day Thoughts


That’s a pretty big hole out there. Why am I even concerned about that hole?  I need a hobby at work.

It’s chilly out there once again  We have a rather tropical -14C (7F) at 6:10 AM and this is our high.  Yeh, I think I will use the word “chilly” for a while.  It doesn’t sound as bad as the word “cold”.

They took my work laptop away from me yesterday so they could reimage it.  I have no idea if it will make it run any better even tho I hope that it does.  It’s gonna be an interesting couple of days at work without it.

Yanno, this iPad Mini has a pretty small screen.  That or my eyesight is getting worse.  Oh well.  I may as will get my work day started.

Happy Hump Day.  Stay warm.